The One XPlayer has arrived in the Philippines because the Steam Deck isn’t

At least we have some alternative. We are still hoping for the Deck to arrive in the Philippines.

While we are all very much hyped and impatient for the upcoming handheld PC called the Steam Deck, there has been another handheld console that seems to fill the gap to where the Steam Deck isn’t available. This one is called the “One XPlayer”. This one is packed with some powerful specs.


For the chipset, it uses Intel’s Intel Core i7-1195G7 at the helm clocked at a running frequency of 4.3GHz. This processor is also known by its internal name “Tiger Lake” if you ever find the specs and couldn’t identify it. This is paired with 16GB LPDDR4 RAM and 1TB of M.2 NVMe SSD storage, which is pretty generous compared to most gaming laptops at the same price tag. It runs Windows 10 by default.

The company that made the One XPlayer, One-netbook also did not spare for the screen. This one uses an 8.4in. 2K screen with 2560x1600px. of resolution. The company did not specify whether this is IPS LCD or AMOLED but our bets are off with the former. It has high-fidelity stereo speakers that make your games more immersive but also possibly distracting if you’re out in public playing this monster.

Just like other handheld consoles like the Switch, this screen is sandwiched by its controllers. It uses an ABXY layout for the controls and ALPS joystick. Other controls include the classic D-pad, the back/return button, desktop key, star key, a turbo button, and a button that toggles the keyboard and mouse.


This ALPS joystick is rugged and carefully done to ensure responsive haptic feedback. Also, the inching bumpers mentioned earlier have a 0.3mm range and the height of the joystick is at a comfortable 6.7mm and can rotate in a full circle.

The console has a 15,300mAh battery. You may think this is actually long-lasting and strong but the company said this supposedly large battery only lasts for 40 minutes of playtime. Quite brave of them to tell this honestly.

It comes with a kickstand in case you don’t want to hold it or you want to turn the entire console into a makeshift monitor. As mentioned, the One XPlayer supports mouse and keyboard controls.

The console is available over at DataBlitz for Php59,995. There are no other configurations of the console announced.

Source: One-Netbook, via Noypigeeks