YouTube is hiding the dislike counts publicly. The dislike button remains visible

Some people just can’t accept criticism or are quite fragile. Or maybe it’s YouTube, after several disliked Rewinds over the recent years.

In a recent post on YouTube’s vlog, the company announced changes on their dislike counts because even they are quite fragile and overly sensitive on some dislike numbers. With this in mind, users can now only determine whether a video’s good or not through the comments, but even that can be turned off. Because dislikes are now only visible to the content creators and not to the public. First, they removed the five-star system and the entire views count, and now this?

The feature was added to “protect [our] creators from harassment, and reduce dislike attacks”. Or basically, to prevent smaller and bigger individual creators from harassment. That, or YouTube prioritising their own interests for financial gain rather than actually talking to creators

YouTube did announce this a few months prior. Last March, the company was already experimenting on hiding the dislike counts on videos. This means that you can dislike the videos but they may no longer have such a significant effect. Also, doesn’t YouTube have a setting for every creator that lets you hide ratings? With this feature enabled, the ability to hide ratings becomes meaningless and redundant.

In YouTube’s blog, during this experiment, they said that users can see and press the dislike button, but the counts are not visible. This, according to them, reduced the likelihood of harassment and dislike attacks. They also apparently “heard” from “smaller creators” that they are unfairly being targeted by these behaviours.

Oh, we forgot to mention that they are doing this to let people hear their voices when this move is doing the exact opposite. Excuses everywhere.

In case you are wondering… Yes, content creators can see the count but other users who are watching the said video wouldn’t.

If we could make a suggestion, why not make this feature optional so it’s a win-win for both parties? As we said, there’s already a feature on YouTube that lets you turn off the ratings.

Source: YouTube