Lazada announces tech deals up to 89% off!

It’s been seven hours since the start of 11/11. It’s not too late to purchase your favourite tech deals!

It’s that time of the month again, a day where every company, not just tech, are offering mega brand deals and unusually large discounts for every user once they get into their favourite e-commerce apps. It’s nearly Christmas as well so this is one of the best times to buy gifts early, or you can wait until 12.12 before you can buy.

Lazada is offering the lowest prices on select products during the 11.11 sale. In fact, multiple companies have already started offering discounts and deals, ranging from Oppo and Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung, etc. In addition to very very low prices, users can avail of a FREE SHIPPING VOUCHER with a minimum spend of Php 0, as well as a Php50 discount voucher for every Php500 minimum spend. This offer is only available today, during the 11.11 sale so do not miss out!

Disclaimer: We are a Lazada affiliate, so we may get a small commission for every purchase you make on the website.