The Gigaset GS5 is a European-made phone with a removable battery.

The more brands out of China, the better the smartphone environment. Hopefully, other European countries make their own soon.

When was the last time a European company made a smartphone, a laptop or any form of consumer electronics? Probably a long time ago. However, a new phone surfaced and surprise surprise, it’s not from China nor India! It’s actually made in Germany by a company known as Gigaset! A European phone has surfaced, and as we said, it’s been a long time since. (Not counting HMD Global of course).

While Gigaset isn’t probably a name you heard of, they were actually split off from Siemens which is also a telecommunications company. The company currently has a continuous line of midrange and rugged phones. While the Gigaset GS5 looks like a typical budget phone, it has specs similar to a midranger. The phone sports a 6.3in. FHD+ IPS panel with a 16mp front camera. One highlight of this phone is its 4500mAh, wait for it…. REMOVABLE BATTERY! They haven’t been a thing since 2016 and we are glad to see a replaceable one pop up in 2021.

Up front in the performance spec sheet comes the Mediatek Helio G85 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. As seen from the image, there are two cameras at the back: a 48mp main and an 8mp ultrawide. It misses out on the very useless 2mp depth and macro which is a good thing. Less gimmicks mean less confusion for the customers.

In addition to the removable battery, it has support for wireless charging, up to 15W. It also has a rear fingerprint scanner, a headphone jack, NFC support and a MicroSD + SIM Card combo, all in dedicated slots. While the website claims it has fast charging, they didn’t state the Wattage rate for it, so we’ll leave it at that.

The phone runs a stock version of Android 11 and will have a guaranteed upgrade to Android 12 (see, 4GB RAM phones can still get A12). For a budget phone, this is impressive as most budget phones nowadays just leave them at the dust and never have a major upgrade, probably except Nokia’s lineup.

In Europe, the phone’s price starts at EUR299 (~Php 17.4K). Take note that while this is overpriced for our standards, in Europe, this is just normal pricing. In their perspective EUR200 is similar to how we see Php6-10K phones. If the phone does arrive in Asian markets, surely the price will have a massive overhaul to adjust to those markets and sell.

Source: Gigaset