The Nokia 6310 and C30 are here!

The reboot of the 90s classic.And a budget smartphone

Remember the Nokia 6310? It was one of Nokia’s best-selling phones alongside the legendary 3310, and it was almost as indestructible too. Just like the 3310 reboot launched four years ago, the 6310 was given the “modern-look” treatment.

Like the 2017 version of the 3310, the 6310 has a curved polycarbonate unibody. It’s still a bar phone though, in all respects. The phone received a modernised and clean UI and a much larger 2.8in. screen compared to its ancestor. In addition, it has a 0.3mp VGA camera at the back, which is not a lot for today’s standards, BUT IT’S A FEATURE PHONE. It’s meant so that you can take a vacation on the same mundane smartphone released every week or so.

In addition to those features, the phone has the classic Snake game (still waiting for a modernised Space Impact and Bounce, WHERE ARE THEY NOKIA??) and Wireless FM Radio.

Another phone Nokia released here in the Philippines is the Nokia C30. A budget smartphone running Android 11 Go, though it’s pricier than other Android Go phones released in the country.

First off, it uses the UNISOC SC9863A processor and comes with 3GB RAM and 64GB internal storage expandable via MicroSD. It would not have been too bad, if it wasn’t priced so highly at Php6,690 (and this is also Android Go, as stated earlier and not the full-fledged regular Android). On the brighter side though, Nokia touts itself as a “longevity” phone maker, meaning they will constantly release fresh updates, both security and major on almost all of their devices, even ultrabudget ones. The Nokia C30 is of course, included.

The display is just the usual. A 6.82in. HD+ IPS LCD. Not expecting much for a phone intended for budget-conscious consumers. For the cameras, it’s also very typical to that of ultrabudgets: a 13mp main + 2mp depth sensor. The 5mp selfie camera is housed on a v-notch cutout. This cutout prevails because it’s cheaper to manufacture than the dot notches.

For endurance, it has a quite large 6000mAh battery, but of course, no fast charging here, only the regular 10W is present. Nokia did not state the charging port it uses because it clearly uses MicroUSB, and that would be a disadvantage for their marketing, as some users might be turned off by it. (Even though a lot of devices still use them). It has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner for biometrics.

As stated, the phone starts at an expensive Php6690 price tag. It is available to pre-order starting October 11th. Users who managed to purchase between Oct 11-17 would also get the phone at a Php100 discount price, by using the code: NOKIAC30OFF upon checkout on Lazada.

The Nokia 6310 on the other hand, starts at Php2490. It’s also available on Lazada.

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