Good things come to an end… The Galaxy Note 8 reaches end-of-life status

It surely was an amazing follow-up from the ill-fated Note 7

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Note 8 is officially dead. It will no longer receive any security or major updates from the company. It had a good run though, as it is quite a decent phone even for today’s standards.

The phone has been removed on the Android Security Updates page. Its last update was the August 2021 update. After that, the phone stopped receiving such updates. Its last major update was an upgrade to Android 9.0 “Pie” which is still being supported by multiple developers. This update rolled out on February 2018. It seems like Samsung had no plans bringing the phone to at least Android 10.

In addition to the Note 8, the Galaxy Tab A (2017) also reached its end-of-life status.

The Galaxy Note 8 had a good run though, it had managed to live for around four years, which is still more than generous on Samsung’s part, and it has surpassed even some Pixel phones in terms of updates and support. The phone was released in 2017 and it was only recently that the phone has been declared dead and discontinued. Props to Samsung for keeping a great phone alive for more than what typical Android phones live for.

Sadly though, it seems like Samsung is planning to discontinue the Note line in favour of their foldables. The Galaxy Note 21 couldn’t make it this year due to the chipset shortage. While Samsung did cancel the Note 21 this year, there might be a new Note coming next year. However, there are also speculations that Samsung is planning on merging the S series and the Note series into one, since the two got nearly indistinguishable in features and specs, and it’s only the S-Pen that keeps the two apart on major grounds. The Notes were revolutionary, but as they say, “good things come to an end”

Source: Android Authority