AMD and Mediatek collaboration is possible. AMD to enter the budget chipset markets

Hotter than the sun.

According to a Taiwanese news source, AMD and Mediatek are planning to collaborate together as a joint venture. Currently, AMD is working with Samsung for their new chipsets which have ray tracing features built-in, so maybe finally, Samsung’s Exynos processors can actually be competent for once.

AMD is already working with their RDNA GPUs for mobile phones. With their collaboration with Mediatek, AMD can have easier access to budget processor models and 5G infrastructure for future computers, notebooks and phones. Intel is also planning to add 5G to future laptops and notebooks, as their rival does.

Currently, Mediatek is the highest-selling smartphone fabless semiconductor manufacturer, a record they’ve held since 2020. Neither Mediatek nor AMD have confirmed the collab, but let’s cross our fingers. For now, take this with a large sack of salt. It would be interesting to see what both companies can do with their powers combined, as Mediatek already has a large presence in the budget, lower midrange and even higher midrange phones. They are also seeing presence on flagships, such as the Vivo X70 series. Previously, the two companies have worked together to create the Wi-Fi 6 module RZ608

Source: Noypigeeks