Breville launches a new espresso machine in the Philippines: The Bambino Plus

mmmm— Espresso…

Breville is a name you’ve probably heard of in the juicing and coffee industry. The company has announced that it’s bringing its Bambino Plus Espresso Machine in the Philippines with a cost of Php30K (not bad pricing actually) and that this machine will deliver the same professionally-made coffee to your dining table.

The machine includes the “four keys formula” (patent pending) that delivers barista-quality coffee. It uses a 54mm portafiller within 19g of coffee to bring a fully-flavoured coffee experience. The machine also uses a powerful hands-free automatic steam wand that delivers foamy milk for your latte. In addition, it has Breville’s ThermoJet heating system that starts the coffee machine almost instantly. Only 3 seconds to boot and the machine is ready for use.

You can purchase the new espresso machine on the WOW store. And no, this isn’t a website for World of Warcraft by the way, it’s simply an online store. Again, the machine costs Php30,000.

Source: Breville