The Mobile Number Portability Act is now in-effect

Keep your phone numbers when switching from different telcos!

The big three telcos: Globe, PLDT (Smart) and DITO

The Mobile Number Portability Act is now live today! This means, starting today, you can keep your phone number when switching from different telcos. If you own a phone number from one telco and you wanted to switch to another due to better choice of promos, better signal and reliability and much more, then you no longer have to wait!

A spokesperson from Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. (a pretty original and unique name for a company if you ask us) has released a statement on Twitter.

We wish to announce to the Filipino that as of today, September 30, the core services of mobile number portability are now ready. We do expect to experience some inconveniences as we start offering the service, but we are confident that withe continued cooperation and hard work of our three partner telcos, we can say that finally, forever is here” TCI General Manager Melanie Manuel said.

As stated, because telcos are newly adjusting to this, please expect inconveniences when switching. When MNP matures, things surely would go easier and switching from different telcos is as easy as buying a new SIM Card. You can read about the other benefits of MNP here in our article.

Source: Twitter