Spine is a PS4 Emulator that is currently in development.

Available for Linux PCs

Courtesy of: TechRadar

Nothing says playing old console games like emulators. Console emulators like EPSXE for PS1 and Dolphin for Wii have been around for a while, and they are there to preserve the games from these consoles that are no longer supported by their manufacturers. It’s also there for nostalgia’s sake. Some of them are also available for Android devices too.

While we’re still waiting for a PS3 Emulator (we’re sure there’s already one), the developers of Spine has announced they’re making a PS4 emulator, currently in development and would soon be available for Linux PCs.

The PS4 is still a fairly new console, in spite of the release of the PS5. So emulating games for it is still premature, in its earliest days. The games may not look stable for PCs and may have heavy system requirements, but due to the release of the PS5, it’s about time for when someone develops an emulator for the PS4.

Spine has released a demo back in 2019. Though the console is closed-source, some of its code can be downloaded through Github. You can check the video above from the developers that shows games that are working for the console currently.

While the emulator has improved since its inception back in 2019, there are still more work to be done as some heavy 3D titles do not function reliably for it right now. Currently, 1000 games were tested. Only 35% works (although, may not be too reliable) and 45% stops at the intro screen and then crashes the emulator.

Among the games tested that do work reliably, are 2D indie titles, which sort of defeats a purpose of having a PS4 emulator in the first place (might as well get a SNES emulator really).

Though still a WIP, you can download the console from Wololo but please do take note that some popular AAA titles like Persona 5 do not run reliably for it. It’s best to wait for a stable version before downloading unless you seriously just want to test PS4 games on PC. As mentioned in the title, it’s available to Linux PCs

Source: XDA Developers, Wololo.net, Tom’s Hardware