The Chinese version of TikTok is setting limits for minors

Just as what they needed actually…

The Chinese version of TikTok is limiting minors through a mode called “teenage mode”. As you may have already known, the global version of the app has already set limits to minors.

The new teenage mode will apply to everyone who are 14 years of age and younger. Because this is the Chinese version of the app, and that users need to apply their real credentials, it’s harder to fake your age here. So no, you can’t just say kids can fake their age considering this is China we’re discussing here.

The app, called “Douyin” in China, will be unavailable for said users from 10pm until 6am. In addition with these restrictions, the company urged parents to register their kids using their real information, including name and age, or if they don’t want to, set the app manually by enabling “teenage mode” in the settings that will help monitor their children’s online activities.

The app would also introduce new educational content to “inspire” young teens which range from science experiments to virtual museums.

Apparently, this new restriction is to comply with China’s Minor Protection Law which was revised last June. This law requires ISPs and social media apps to “set up corresponding functions such as time management, content restriction and consumption limits to minors”

In China, Douyin has about 500 million users, most of which are minors.

Source: CNN Edition