Rumor Mill: OnePlus 10 design

The handset may feature a secondary display at the back

OnePlus 9

OnePlus has released its flagship OnePlus 9 series earlier than expected. They would normally launch a phone every second quarter but the OnePlus 9 series release date has been pushed back to early March. There is also a third phone in the series exclusive to India called the OnePlus 9R. Usually, when OnePlus launches a flagship, after a few months, the “T” series of flagship phones would come right after. However, leaksters decided to skip through that and just jump through the OnePlus 10, with new design renders popping up.

As always, a small disclaimer: These are leaks, meant to give a sneak peek for what the next upcoming phone may look like, therefore the final product will definitely have changes in the design, to keep things exciting. So take leaks with a grain of salt.

OnePlus 9T

One design render of the OnePlus 10 shows a secondary display at the back. Not as large as Mi 11 Ultra’s but it has this feature. It would mainly be used to check for notifications as well as using the main camera for selfies as the main camera usually provides better quality images than the front camera, thanks to a number of features implemented with it. According to leakster Yogesh Brar, the OnePlus 10 series would be “polished 9 series”, so we can expect that the design of the OnePlus 10 would be mundane and monotonous, and will be similar to the OnePlus 9, making the OnePlus 10 possibly just a filler series. It might as well be the OnePlus 9T

OnePlus likes sticking to one design language and the OnePlus 10 series is no stranger. The OnePlus 8 series for instance, shares some design aesthetics from the 7 series, albeit that uses a punch hole instead of a pop-up and waterdrop notch cut-out. It would be no surprise to see OnePlus recycle the design of the 9 series for the 10 series. Apple has been doing it for quite a while too, starting with the iPhone X all the way to the latest iPhone 13 series, and possibly even the 14 series would still use the 20% less notch design and similar camera layout.

Source: GizChina