Twitter kills Fleets. Turns out Twitter is not Instagram

Remember when Snapchat had a feature in their app called “stories” that lets you post short videos and photos that can be seen in a day, and then everybody else copied it because nothing is original anymore? Well, Twitter is one of those companies who joined the bandwagon.

Facebook had their version called “My Day” while Instagram also had “Stories” and not surprisingly, Instagram took over Snapchat in terms of popularity, and their version is also more popular. Pretty ironic.

Twitter launched their version of stories called “fleets” but unlike the other three, barely anyone uses it. Turns out Twitter is definitely not like Instagram and so, this August 3, Twitter will finally kill fleets. This is why you shouldn’t just bandwagon.

Oh, not everyone knows about “Fleets” either (seriously Twitter, what kind of name is that? You’re a social media app not the navy). Twitter said it will use its mistake in fleets to “focus on creating other ways for people to join the conversation and talk about what’s happening in the world”. Or basically, an apology.

Some features of fleets made its way to other features of Twitter, such as GIFs, full-screen camera, text-formatting and others. Some of these features are heading to the tweet composer too.

Source: Twitter