Nintendo announces a switch with an OLED panel… That’s it, just an OLED panel upgrade.

The Nintendo Switch is the latest portable console manufactured by Nintendo. Originally, the console had a TFT LCD screen, which we all know is awful for gaming as it has poor viewing angles and poor contrasts. So, recently, the company announced a new fresh take by making an OLED version of the console.

The new console will launch for $350 (~Php 17.5K) and will be launched this 8th October, the same day the next Metroid game would be released. It will retain the same features the original switch had, such as replaceable JoyCon controllers and the ability to play with several players on TV.. The console will come with a stand so that you can enjoy the new tabletop mode that the console is coming with.

OLED screens have been used for quite sometime in smartphones, but now it is seeing its way to consoles. OLED screens provide better contrasts as well as vivid colours, as the screen is lit up individually rather than a layer of light behind it. This type of display also saves battery in the long run as when the screen is off, all the lights behind it lighting each individual pixel is also turned off. However, a very high brightness can cause a burn-in that may be temporary or permanent. A burn-in is a type of screen retention that is temporarily or permanently docked on the display, or simply, even if the screen is off, you can still see a shred of graphics.

The console will come with 64GB internal storage as well as improved audio experience. The console will come with two colours. First, there is a black console, white JoyCon controllers and a white dock as well as the classic red and blue JoyCon set with a black unit and a black dock.

As mentioned before, you can pre-order this device in the US for $350 (~Php 17.5K). Or you can skip that and just emulate Switch games on your PC. One example of these emulators is Yuzu, a free and open-source emulator for the switch. You can go to their website by clicking this link.

Source: Nintendo Newsroom