A new Nokia flagship is coming this November!

The Nokia 9 PureView, A phone known for its ridiculous amount of cameras at the time.

HMD Global is the company handling the Nokia brand for smartphones. Recently though, the company is having a hard time competing with giants such as Xiaomi and Samsung. How the mighty had fallen. After the disappointing release that’s the Nokia 9 PureView, HMD has been rumoured to be working on improved successors such as the 9.1 and 9.2. However, none came into fruition.

Now the company is again preparing for a new flagship phone to be first released in China. The phone will be launched in Singles’ Day in China, on November 11th. If that sounds familiar, that’s because local e-commerce shops like Shopee also does the same thing every month. That means, there will be a grand event sale during that day.

This is not just rumour, it actually came from the product manager of HMD China, Zhang Yuecheng. However, he did not say any details about this new device, and there is no reliable past information for us to guess either, as the company moved on from the “9” series naming scheme for their flagships, and the projects that succeeded the 9 PureView were shelved.

When Nokia names their flagships, it’s usually the X series followed by a number. For instance, the newly rumoured X70 will get a custom sensor designed by Nokia Technologies (note: they are separate from the Nokia brand smartphones). The Nokia 9 PureView also got custom sensors, and the results were pretty disappointing, and even the manufacturer for the sensors, Light, has pulled out of the smartphone business entirely.

Now that Nokia is the one designing this custom sensor, we hope to see improved results from the Nokia 9 PureView. Hopefully it can catch up and compete with contemporary flagships released late last year and this year. However, as for the specs, there are none yet. We hope to see the new phone coming, and it’s not another hype and delays.

Source: ITHome (in Chinese) via GizChina