A Snapdragon-branded smartphone has appeared on TENAA!

There has been a new phone listed on TENAA complete with specifications. It’s an ASUS phone, but this one is unique in that in comes in “Snapdragon” branding. Which kind of reminds us of the old days where some ASUS phones have an “Intel” branding to it.

This phone is a gaming phone, but is a separate lineup to the ROG Phone due to the unique “Snapdragon” branding.

The device carries the model number ASUS_IOO7D and is codenamed “Vodka”. Apparently, this model number and codename appeared inside ROG Phone 5’s kernel. Qualcomm has been rumoured to build its own line of gaming smartphones, and this might be it. For the specs, the website revealed useful information including the 6.78in. OLED panel that the phone will have, as well as the Snapdragon 888 5G processor that could be specially customised due to the branding.

There is also a 3840mAh battery, which is not really that big to be honest, as well as dual 64mp + 12mp camera sensors. Finally, the phone has up to 16GB RAM and 512GB storage and would run Android 11. More key information to be revealed soon. But because it’s in TENAA, this phone might be legit.

Source: GizmoChina