Samsung trademarks the “Z Slide” naming scheme for smartphones

Samsung has trademarked the “Z Slide” name for its foldable smartphones in the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which means no other company can use such a naming scheme when they refer to their foldables. In relation, Samsung also trademarked the term “Z Roll” which could mean that Samsung is working on a rollable display like LG.

With that said, this might hint that Samsung is working on an innovative foldable or sliding phone, in lieu to the Xiaomi patent we’ve seen a few weeks back.


LetsGoDigital, a reliable rumour mill website, has created its concept of the Z Slide rollable. In LetsGoDigital’s mockup, the phone appears to slide and extend vertically, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, except this time, the display itself extends not just the camera. The Z Slide could be a rollable version of the Z Flip while the Z Roll could be a rollable version of the Z Fold.

Earlier this week, Samsung showcased some of its concept designs, including a phone which bends into three, forming an “s-fold”. Another is a full-screen (yes we mean FULL screen, as in no keyboard nor touchpad) touchscreen laptop display that seems to be powered by OLED. Of course these are all concepts that Samsung wants to show you, it doesn’t mean they are producing or manufacturing these displays anytime soon.

Source: LetsGoDigital (in Dutch) via GSMArena