Clubhouse, a podcasting app, is now available on Android!

Clubhouse is now official on Android! The audio-only chatting app was only initially available on iOS and was launched last year. The app is similar to Twitter’s Spaces, which was launched earlier this month. Spaces could be its main competitor.

For those who don’t know, Clubhouse is a social media app that rely solely on voice. Users can create or join specific rooms and either be part of it, or just be a spectator. There can be more than one host in a podcast.

Unlike other social media apps, users can’t send a picture, video call or even send texts. So yes, it is solely voice and only voice. However, things may change as the app is still on its beta phase. If things get too mundane and boring, users can quietly leave and reenter the room anytime, as long they are not blocked by the host.

Since the app is audio-only, Clubhouse hopes that users don’t get anxious since they don’t have to worry about “eye contact, what you’re wearing, or where you are”.

When you sign-in for the first time, you will be asked if you have an invite code. That is because, the app’s registration is based on an invite-only process. You can pre-register for a handle and optionally, choose your interests in the selection screen, then there will be a message stating that you need to wait for an invite before using.

If your friends or relatives got registered and can access Clubhouse, then they can invite you so that you can access the app as well. Choose your handle and name WISELY because, as of right now, it cannot be changed.

Currently, Clubhouse has 600,000 users. The app is currently is beta-only, and while a stable version of the app is on its way, the creator of the app said that it wants the app to build up a large community first, stating that”things don’t break, keeps the composition of the community diverse, and allows us to tune the product as it grows”.

You can download the app in Google Play and App Store

Source: Pocket-lint via GizGuide