Twitter has announced Spaces for iOS and Android

Twitter has previously introduced the ‘Spaces’ feature last year on PC. Now the company has announced it will deliver the feature to mobile handsets.

According to Twitter, Spaces is a feature that lets you have live audio conversations on Twitter, similar to Facebook Messenger ‘Rooms’ feature. The company is still improving and building the feature, so there might be some bugs or glitches that may occur.

How does “Spaces” work?

When someone you follow starts or speaks in a Space, other users can join in as well. Twitter will notify you when someone you follow stars a “Space” conference. It will appear as a purple notification bubble and will remain there until you dismiss it, or until it is no longer LIVE.

Twitter users or the host can mute specific participants, or all of the participants

Like every other conference app, the host has a variety of controls and features which lets them enhance the experience. For example, the host can kick out users, mute specific users (or even everyone) or add more users. In addition. Twitter has also provided management tools to provide easier and more comfortable hosting.

Twitter also said that anyone can block users within the Space. If you are blocked, then you cannot re-enter said Space conference, and vice versa. If you have blocked someone, Twitter will notify you that the person you blocked is speaking within the conference.

Twitter also has added features that lets host monetise their Spaces. One of these is the “ticketing” feature, which allows hosts to set a fee if ever other users wanted to join their Spaces conference. A small portion of the sales will go to Twitter and part of it goes to the host.

One more important feature for the Spaces conference is the “reminder” feature. It lets participants and the host schedule a date for the conference. This feature will help users keep track of upcoming Spaces conferences and let them know what else is happening.

Spaces also allows co-hosting, where the original host can add one or more co-hosts that can also manage the Spaces. If ever the original host leaves the Spaces, one of the co-hosts can takeover.

How to Setup “Spaces” on your phone:

According to Twitter, this is how you setup Spaces:

  1. To start a Spaces conference, the Host must long-tap the “compose” feature on the iOS or Android phone they own. Or, tap on their profile picture in Fleets then scroll to the far right and select “Spaces”
  2. Spaces are public, so people you don’t follow may also join. You may send a specially-created link and DM it for the people you wish to join your conference.
  3. Up to 11 people can join your Spaces conference. Creating the Spaces for the first time lets you name the space as well as start the space.
  4. Before the Space could start, listeners can become speakers under the request of the host.
  5. When the Space is created, the Host will be the only speaker in the conference but will have start with their microphones off. When ready, tap “Start your Space”.
  6. You may have to allow Twitter to access your microphone so you can start speaking and recording audio.
  7. As an added feature, Spaces lets you add captions to your Space. Follow the prompts when doing so. Listeners can opt not to see the captions by toggling the “View Captions” on or off.
  8. Ensure to tweet out the link of your spaces so other people can join in as well. Remember that up to 10 people can join your Spaces. To see the link, simply press the “share” icon and select “Share Via Link“.

For FAQs about Twitter Spaces, please visit this link