PUBG Mobile India announced! Registrations to open soon.

PUBG is one of the apps banned in India due to the fact that it is associated with China. The vanilla app was developed by PUBG Corporation in cooperation with Tencent, which led to the ban.

Developer Krafton, with permission from PUBG Corp. has announced an India-only version of PUBG that would let Indian players enjoy the playing field of the battle royale genre.

In a press statement, Krafton said that the game will release with many exclusive features like outfits and will have its own E-sports system with tournaments and leagues. In many respects, the game is a near-identical copy of the original PUBG Mobile with additional sprinkles and sparkles and compatibility for the Indian market.

In addition, PUBG released a 10 second teaser trailer. Nothing much is seen here, apart from the menu music and the title. There will be a pre-registration available before its launch date.

However, the game still has to get approval from the Indian government. Recently, Krafton cut ties with Tencent due to its Chinese origins, and as well as due to the Sino-Indian border disputes that lead to a ban of many popular Chinese apps, which includes but is not limited to PUBG.

Source: Indian Express