May the Fourth be with you as Mobile Legends might collab with Star Wars

May the Fourth be with you, Technophiles! As we celebrate Star Wars Day, so did Moonton. There are leaks circulating around that Mobile Legends and Star Wars are collaborating. This is one of the strangest collabs we have seen on the gaming market since World of Warships collabed with Transformers and King Kong vs Godzilla.

With regards to the collab, Moonton is yet to provide details. Their latest collab is the Manny Pacquiao skin for Mobile Legends character “Paquito”. They have previously collabed with fighting game King of Fighters and have added the former’s characters into ML as skins.

According to Data Miners, ML character “Argus” will be portraying Darth Vader and Cyclops will be portraying Master Yoda (strange they did not go for R2D2, but they might be reserving that for Jawhead)

The leaks above were shared by a data miner going for the name “drafrixkun”. According to drafrixkun, like the Manny Pacquiao collab, the Star Wars skin will only be available in certain regions, such as Southeast Asian countries, as well as Japan. For the expected arrival date, he said it should come within the third week of May, possibly 22nd May.

Please take note that these are LEAKS. Moonton is yet to announce any official collaboration.

Source: Drafrixkun Facebook