Realme may manufacture laptops in Q3 2021

Realme has been rumoured to manufacture its own laptops based on user surveys. Last January, a tipster from Twitter said that “if things go as planned, the Realme laptops are set for launch this June 2021”

There have been subtle hints that the laptop is coming, including the company’s April Fools prank with its Realme Meowbook.

A bigger hint has been revealed, that should confirm Realme is going to manufacture its own laptops (though we can’t say that it’s OEM nor ODM), because it shared an online survey in India through the Realme Community forum in regards to their ‘laptop preferences’.

The survey is free to answer and has been created through Google Forms. From there, the survey asks basic personal info such as gender and age, as well as financial information such as estimated annual personal income. The link to the survey will be provided below.

Along with the laptop preferences, the survey also seeks to know how well users are satisfied with their smartphones, kind of an interesting choice.

One important question that might reveal when Realme is going to unveil their first laptop is this: “Do you intend to purchase/upgrade your current laptop in the next 3 months?” Clearly suggesting that Realme will unveil the laptops in Q3 2021 

You can answer and see the questions by clicking the link here.