UNISOC (formerly Spreadtrum) announces Tanggula series of 5G processors

UNISOC announced its revamped line of 5G chipsets, named “Tanggula” after the Tanggula Mountains in China.

The new line is classified into four series: Tanggula 6, Tanggula 7, Tanggula 8 and Tanggula 9.

Tanggula 6 is an entry-level chipset, possibly similar in performance as the Snapdragon 480. The Tanggula 7 is a budget midrange, similar to the Helio G70 in performance. The Tanggula 8 is a upper midrange chipset, possibly in the line of the Snapdragon 600 or 700 series, and the Tanggula 9 which aims to challenge Mediatek’s Dimensity series as well as the Snapdragon 800 series.

Currently, there are three chipsets announced for the Tanggula 7 series, below are their comparisons:

In addition, UNISOC said that the T770 will enter mass production this July. Among other plans the company has is AR technology and will co-develop AR Glasses with HiScene, however there were no announced release for the glasses. It could remain a concept as far as we know.

Source: GizmoChina