Despite LG closing doors on the smartphone business, LG Rollable gets NFC certification

As you may have heard, LG is shutting down its mobile business, effective July this year. However, this did not stop the LG Rollable from getting its certification.

Before anyone gets excited, please take note that LG is STILL LEAVING THE SMARTPHONE BUSINESS, a sad tale we know, but rather this is just a case of bad timing for LG’s plans in CES 2021

The certification did not reveal much, not even hardware, so it leaves us to the previous info LG has given, that it will use a BOE rollable display. The phone was certified last January, however it seems to have surfaced now.

However, despite that the LG rollable not seeing the light of day, there were still leaks online. Above is the image of a rumoured live LG Rollable.

Sources: SafetyKorea (in Korean)