Cherry Home announces UVC disinfecting desk lamp

The listing found in Shopee

In part of Cherry Home’s Total Protect Duo promo, Cherry announced a new product under its “Cherry Home” line, the UVC Disinfecting Desk Lamp.

The Desk Lamp is 36W in power and because it is disinfecting, it can filter out microbes and pathogens (though Cherry does not claim it can kill COVID-19 viruses). If your forget to turn it off, it has an automatic off motion sensor that turns the lamp off after 30 minutes when not in use. You can control the lamp directly, or through the Cherry IoT app

We mentioned earlier the Total Protect Duo promo from Cherry that runs from 1st April, to 30th April. Through this promo, buying the UVC desk lamp rewards you with a free tote bag, or a microUSB cable for buying the sterilizer wand.

You can buy the UVC lamp through these links below: