Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro, to launch on 8th April!

Image from: Lenovo

Asus just released their gaming phone, ZTE just released their gaming phone, and so did Xiaomi. Now it it’s Lenovo’s turn to give their candidate.

The Legion Phone is a response to the ever increasing demand of gaming phones, which started with Xiaomi’s Blackshark and Asus’ ROG Phone. Lenovo announced the successor of the Legion Pro (aka Legion Duel in China), the Legion Phone 2 Pro.

The Chinese launch poster for the Legion 2 Pro

What you see above is the launch poster posted on Lenovo’s Weibo. This poster does not reveal anything but the date of the launch. However, it is expected to launch in China first, Lenovo’s main target audience. No specs are listed.

Luckily, the Legion 2 Pro was listed on Geekbench and we can speculate what the possible specs might be.

On Geekbench, it is labelled “Lenovo L70081” and comes with the motherboard “lahaina” which is the codename for the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset. It appears to have a total of 16GB RAM and will launch with Android 11 installed.

No other specs announced yet, including the camera and other features like fast charging and battery capacity. This will most likely be announced on 8th April, so stay tuned.

Source: Gizmochina