Brazil fines Apple US$2 Million for not including the charger in the box

When Apple announced the iPhone 12, they have declared that they will not include the charger in the box for “environmental” reasons and to make the box lighter and thinner. The phone only came with a USB-C to lightning cable.

This decision by Apple has not received a good reception by many, as the charger itself is actually now sold separately, making Apple’s decision invalid. Critics also said that this move was for Apple to reduce shipping costs.

What’s worse is that Apple is being fined by multiple countries, such as Brazil.

Brazil has fined Apple $2 million for “misleading advertising, selling a device without the charger and unfair terms”

Procon of Brazil has asked Apple to reduce the price of the iPhone 12, since it does not come with chargers or earbuds anymore. Apple has not responded yet. The agency also accused the company for failing to help customers who had “problems with some functions” following iPhone updates.

US$2 million seem to be a lot for a regular, but for Apple, this is just a penny in comparison. This quarter and during the holidays, Apple had a revenue worth US$111.4 billion, so Apple might just tick this $2 million fine off.

Source: TheVerge