Realme Philippines’ social media pages are getting strange, suggesting they were hacked

The front page of Realme PH’s Facebook

Today, many Realme fans and commenters have noticed a change in Realme’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Some speculate it’s a promotional art for Realme’s upcoming Narzo because of the weird Cover Photo with text saying “Narzo” and the fact that one of the commenters messaged Realme, spurring up this message:

The text reads: “No Sacrifice in Performance, Battery and Quality We are Narzo”. However if this was the case, then why are the other Realme pages like Realme India and Realme Global have no promo like this? Also, if you look at their Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, it seems that only Realme Philippines was affected as the others are normal.

If you browse their Twitter page, you can see more cryptic text

Moreover, their latest tweets are also cryptic

Their Youtube Channel is also the same, spurring the same cover photo and profile picture.

The Profile Picture has been confirmed not to be from Realme’s Art Department, as a quick reverse image search reveals the same image.

TinEye revealed about 74 results

Everyone is confused about it, including us. However, Jet Ignacio, the admin of Realme’s Official Group has responded to the matter already.

As of 2:44 pm, 17th March 2021, Realme’s Social Media pages haven’t been reverted to its original form.

Source: Realme