PLDT launches Beyond Fiber for businesses

PLDT’s enterprise arm is introducing new ways to improve connectivity for businesses and have set a goal to provide much more reliable internet connection for them.

PLDT recently announced its new solution, “Beyond Fiber”. This solution aims to address connectivity demands of businesses and provide them with internet connection with minimal degradation and disruption.

Beyond Fiber has a boosted minimum speed that’s 3x higher than most Fiber connections. According to PLDT, entrepreneurs would have stable internet regardless of time of day.

“We recognize the need of enterprises for a more reliable connection now that most of them have taken their day to day transactions online,” said Jojo Gendrano, FVP and head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business.

“In addition to pushing the boundaries of reliability on a 100 percent fiber connection, we aim to maximize the speed of connection. At our baseline 50 Mbps offer, our users get a minimum of 45 Mbps or 90 percent of their 50 Mbps subscription at 90 percent reliability. This is the best choice to help drive the continued growth of enterprises,” he added.

PLDT also said that the new Beyond Fiber project requires little IT help, making it convenient for entrepreneurs to focus more on their businesses.