LG vs TCL: LG Wins Lawsuit over TCL

IMAGE: LG Twin Towers, the headquarters of LG Corporation

Yesterday, 9th March— LG has won a lawsuit vs TCL and two European-affiliated companies.

Last November, LG filed a lawsuit against TCL Corporation over claims that TCL infringed their patents for LTE Technology. This particular patent bears the number: EP 2627146 B1.

Last Week, the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany ruled in favour of LG. However, the lawsuit isn’t over yet as TCL can appeal the judgment and can revoke LG’s patent with a nullity action which is currently pending at the German Federal Patent Court.

This is the second lawsuit filed by LG last 2nd March but no court has ruled yet. The third lawsuit will take place this May.

“Our patented technologies are the fruit of continuous research and development and are central to our ongoing competitiveness in the industry and what motivates our employees to think creatively,” said Cho Hwi-jae, vice president and head of LG’s Intellectual Property Center. “We believe it is our responsibility to vigorously protect our intellectual property against any and all unauthorized uses.” He added.

SOURCE: LG Newsroom