DITO Telecom to launch in Metro Manila “very soon”


While DITO officially launched in Mindanao and Visayas yesterday, there have been plans for them to launch in Metro Manila “soon”.

DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago said “I assure you where we launch, we are better, if not comparable with the incumbents”.

It was not specified when the launching will be, but DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano said that the rollout should happen in “a few weeks”

DITO said that they will be available nationwide starting June.

DITO also announced that it is planning to give 3,000 SIM Cards to frontliners starting in Davao City. As part of DITO’s warm welcome, subscribers could also obtain the new 199 promo offered by DITO, which offers unlimited calls and text to other DITO subscribers as well as unlimited data for 30 days. This promo period runs until the end of March.

The NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) said that the rollout will start by 30th September. DITO CTO Rodolfo Santiago said that their system would be ready once their porting platform is available by June.

SOURCE: Rappler.com