Singapore’s Transcelestial enters Philippine Market for high-speed internet

Transcelestial is a Singapore-based space tech startup. The company announced last Friday, 19th February, that they have backed $2 million of strategic investment under Ayala’s Venture Fund.

The investment was first to be publicly announced from Ayala’s $180 million dollar investment fund, and the company is backed by several investors such as EDBI, which is part of the Singaporean government, US-based startup Y Combinator and Charles Songhurt, former Executive of Microsoft.

The company aims to provide solutions to help remedy the difficulty of installing cell sites in the country, alongside better internet connections.

Their solution is through their proprietary CENTAURI, a device weighing no less than 3kg. The device is able to deliver fibre-like speeds at a fraction of the cost of traditional fibre internet

CENTAURI is a mass produced device which aims to leverage the Wireless Laser Technology in order to create a wireless network through buildings, cell towers street poles and other physical infrastructures.

As of the moment, CENTAURI has two versions: one that is 4G with a speed of 1Gbps and the other is a 5G network with a bandwidth speed of 10Gbps, both of which can be used within a range of 3-5km

The company is building a space laser network in order to bring fast internet into the country and globally.

Trancelestial is planning to build a number of small satellites in order to bring fast internet. The rollout is expected by 2024.

SOURCES:, Manila Bulletin