Huawei: No Plans to sell mobile business

Huawei will continue the Mate and P lines of smartphones

Huawei said, despite the blacklisting of the United States and their selling of the Honor brand, they will continue their mobile phone business.

Prior to the sanctions, Huawei was the 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, beating Apple and behind Samsung. However due to recent allegations imposed to the company, Huawei was blocked from working with different US companies, Google and Qualcomm included.

Because of this, their phones have to rely on their own mobile services and their future phones will run without Google Services installed. Therefore, newer Huawei phones would have no YouTube or G suite, which everyone is reliant on.

The company was hit further when ARM, a chipset architecture company, cuts ties with the company. Their Kirin line of chipsets depended on this architecture, and without ARM, Huawei could only use older chipsets which they already manufactured.

Recently, Huawei announced selling their Honor brand. The Honor brand was a subsidiary of Huawei which means Honor phones are also affected by the ban. Huawei decided to sell Honor in over 30 different consortiums to continue their (Honor) business.

This comes to a rumour that Huawei is selling their mobile division as well, to keep them afloat. Counterpoint recently reported that Huawei dropped to 6th place in the recent quarter. The company shipped 33 million units in Q4 2020 in contrast to Q4 2019 where they shipped 56 million. However, despite these recent figures, Huawei responded, saying that they will continue developing their premium lines Mate and P series, debunking the rumours.

It still leaves the question how will the company keep itself alive, as its mobile business is constantly under attack by the US government, moreover when TSMC was forced to cease business and provide chipsets for the company.

Source: Myfixguide,