CMF Buds Pro 2 and Watch Pro 2 Launched with MODULAR Designs!

Just like the CMF Phone 1. The New Buds also have that quirky dial which serves as the control. Old School!

Aside from the CMF Phone 1, the brand also launched two new accessories. These are the CMF Buds Pro 2 and the Watch Pro 2. Let’s discuss the Buds Pro 2 first.

CMF Buds Pro 2: Please, do touch that dial!

The most unique design element of the CMF Phone 1 is the dial. This also is the same for the Buds Pro 2. However, the dial here works differently. It is where most of the gesture controls lie in. You can change the volume here as well. By the way, did they mention it’s customisable? Actually, they did! The Buds Pro 2 may not be “modular”, but it feels personal enough thanks to the dial. Rotate the dial to adjust volume and press it for other actions, such as activating/deactivating ANC, muting calls, or pausing music playback. Pretty nifty.

Enough about that, let’s proceed with the earbuds. See, the buds have an impressive 7 hours of battery life within a 10-minute charge. On a single full charge, the buds (with the case) can potentially last for 43 hours, though this depends on your usage, as well as if you enabled ANC, which drains battery quicker.

The buds are also Hi-Res audio certified. Try playing music with a large “boom” effect and you will know the difference! To have the best experience, we suggest listening to your music in a FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) format. This is a lossless audio format you can use to take advantage of that “Hi-Res” certification to its fullest. MP3 files are lossy, meaning some of the fine details of the audio have been lost, and converting from MP3 to FLAC is useless since all you do is increase file size without the advantage of hearing fully detailed music. Some apps that support FLAC include Spotify, Bandcamp, and HDTracks.

There are several Spotify downloaders that claim to convert Spotify music tracks to FLAC files. However, do note most of the time, these don’t work as intended. It is best to purchase FLAC music legally and enjoy truly lossless sound. Apple Music also has support for FLAC and you can get it both for Android and iOS.

You can use the buds while exercising too since it is IP55 certified. Plus, you can connect multiple devices to your buds without interrupting the other. That’s the advantage of using Bluetooth 5.4 alright. According to CMF, the buds can deliver high fidelity audio of up to 40KHz and with smart adaptive mode, get as much as 50KHz frequencies. That’s more than the standard Hi-Res. The buds have a big tweeter too, measuring about 6mm and the dynamic drivers about 11mm. The standard for the industry.

Oh, ChatGPT is also integrated in case you want to ask your buds questions. Do note that ChatGPT is not an alternative search engine, so verify your sources twice, maybe even three times.

The buds come in a variety of colours, including Orange, Black, White, and Blue. It is also affordable at PHP 3,790. You can get one yourself at Digital Walker, one of the brand’s exclusive partners and distributors.

Source: CMF by Nothing