Sparkling Gold | Tecno Spark Go (2024) Review! [Part 4]

This is what you ACTUALLY came for

When we were looking at this phone, its main feature, plastered all over the box and in demos, are the stereo speakers. One speaker at the top and another at the bottom. Pretty neat positioning since this will allow the phone to achieve its “surround sound” effect, without needing the gimmicky “extra volume mode” every other budget phone has. This is the epitome of the Part 4 of this review. Read on and find out if those speakers are actually promising, or just another marketing gimmick to make you buy the handset and has real no effect whatsoever.

Among other things, this part will also wrap up the entire review, discuss biometrics, and other unmentioned features in the previous parts. Tradition here at TechnophilePH. We will also give a pros and cons summary, like in other reviews, so you can decide better if the Tecno Spark Go 2024 (aka Tecno Pop 8) is worth your while.


The Tecno Spark Go’s main component and feature are its speakers. Unlike the usual budget phone we review here, the Spark Go consists of a dual speaker with DTS enhancement, something reminiscent of the old Lenovo A6000 series. Is this its eventual successor even though it’s a different brand? Somehow.

Instead of using a dedicated music app, it instead uses YouTube Music as its default sound player which, unlike the good ol’ Google Play Music, can be cumbersome to use if you’re not familiar with it. As always, it requires your permission to access and scan files but finding it is a little hard. To access your files after giving the permission to do so, tap on the “Library” drop menu on the top left, then select “device files”. It will then start scanning every bit and corner of the phone’s file manager and play audio files if it finds any.

By default, the preset is set to Smart. However, you can tune it yourself using the given equalizer. Not to mention, you can also give it a Bass, Vocal, and Treble boost if you select all other settings. Smart will adapt to the music you’re currently using. Traditional is the closest to the default sound profile.

By turning on these boosts (under the “DTS Settings”), the sound profile will sound slightly different. Turning every boost available makes the audio sound clearer and have a stronger bass, at least in theory it should.

The Tecno Spark Go dual speakers sound off, as if someone raised the volume so much. Yes, we are playing in max volume but even here it shouldn’t sound so distorted and destroyed. More expensive handsets, such as our Nord 3, are able to keep volumes balanced without destroying quality. So, in a way, the Spark Go has better volumes than the gimmicky “ultra volume mode”, but the quality is lacking.

You know, we heard of that “ZTE Nubia Music” that the brand is selling for cheap, and it’s intended for broke audiophiles. Once we get our hands on it, we’ll review it. It has a reason why it’s priced super low. It is a budget phone just with an audiophile theme. Something the Spark Go isn’t. Overall, the stereo speakers feel gimmicky which is sad since it is the main feature of the handset.


The Tecno Spark Go looks sparkly on the outside. It feels very light yet compact to hold, unlike many more expensive smartphones. It suits everyday tasks you might think of, even some light gaming the phone works.

While there may be newer phones now of the same calibre, the Tecno Spark Go can still compete with them. And if you’re looking for a phone that’s just under PHP 5,000, this phone is still a good choice because of its big 128GB storage, which should store enough photos and videos before needing to move them to a MicroSD Card.

Its best feature revolves around its iPhone-like design. It has mediocre cameras (the realme note50 creates photos on a higher quality), bloaty software, and horrible speakers, surprisingly. Being the main feature, you’d think Tecno would focus on that more but no, it feels just as gimmicky as ultra volume mode with its distorted sound, even at average volume and nearly non-existent midtones.

It is not all bad, however. It has a frankly good battery life (but relatively slow charging), a USB-C port, and can handle multiple casual titles like Mobile Legends and even Call of Duty Mobile at low graphics. Though, the low-resolution screen makes things look pixelated and fuzzy, especially if you’re coming from a FHD+ OLED with 120Hz refresh rate. Not to mention, the display is abysmal when used underneath the sun. Not ideal for those Grab, Uber, and FoodPanda riders.

The Tecno Spark Go is a mixed-use device. A Jack of all trades, yet good at none of them. We didn’t say it’s a horrible phone, it’s just mediocre at everything else, aside from the speakers. Still, it is worth your while getting it if you’re okay with mediocrity. The realme note50, at a lower or equal price point, has better camera output than the Spark Go.


  • Easy to hold thanks to a compact and light weight design
  • Despite being bloated, HiOS is stable and responsive, and comes with security updates
  • Front flash works as intended especially at zero lighting
  • Loud speakers, though that’s the only good thing about it
  • The most affordable phone with stereo speakers
  • Can handle multiple titles from Mobile Legends, to Honkai Star Rail, to Call of Duty Mobile, easily on the lowest graphics
  • Long battery life
  • Surprisingly decent amount of storage for its price, 128GB.
  • USB-C port, 3.5mm jack, and MicroSD Card are all present


  • Terrible brightness. Not ideal for outsiders, such as Grab, FoodPanda, or couriers
  • Mediocre 13MP camera
  • Selfie camera quality is questionable
  • Speakers feel gimmicky. It is loud, but distorted and the midtones are overwhelmed by the lows and highs.
  • Very slow charging due to it being limited to 10W of power


The Tecno Spark Go is available almost anywhere you can think of. Be it online like Lazada and Shopee, or third party stores like Rulls and E-Phone. Also, other sellers may have the unit available and ready to be sold. The phone is practically anywhere. It comes in four colours: Gravity Black, Mystery White, Alpenglow Gold (our unit), and Magic Skin Green.

The 4/128 was initially priced at PHP 4,999 but some stores are offering at a lower price. Be sure to consult with the store in order to get the best prices.