#GalaxyUnpacked: Samsung Announces July 10 Event!

Hey, that’s exactly one month from Apple’s June 10 event!

The second half of the year is going to be the busiest for many tech brands. It’s not your “regular busy” as this is the time when many new innovative devices and flagships are going to be released. Samsung is going to be quite busy on July 10 as it announces its new lineup of smartphones. The event will take place in Paris, France.

The main tagline of the event is “Prepare to discover the power of Galaxy AI, infused into the latest Galaxy Z Series and the entire Galaxy Ecosystem”. With this, we’re already confident what the next Galaxy Unpacked is going to be about. And to no one’s surprise, it’s AI. Galaxy AI as was announced a few months ago, first to be seen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. A trailer was posted on YouTube.

Based on that tagline alone, it seems like Galaxy AI will also now be available in previous and succeeding Z Flip and Z Fold lines. We also have a chance to see the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 at this event. Some tipsters already made a vision of what the devices are going to look like. And unsurprisingly, it’s the same as last year’s.

Now, it might be unintentional but some regions, such as Kazakhstan have “accidentally” revealed the two new devices. Because this is such a common occurrence, we see this as intentional rather than not. Above is a now-deleted hero image for the new foldable devices. It appears that the Z Fold 6 now has a sharper squarish build like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Flip 6 has a folder-like secondary display. According to other leaks, these devices are going to be even more expensive than the previous handsets. Frankly, with inflation and other economic issues happening globally, this is to be expected. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 might cost as much as EUR 2,200 (~PHP 138.2K) for the top-end unit while the Z Flip 6 will be priced at EUR 1,330 (~PHP 83.6K). Ouch.

The Verge also mentioned that this Unpacked may also reveal the Galaxy Ring, a conceptual device revealed by Samsung during MWC last February, as well as teased on previous Unpacked events. It is essentially a health monitoring kit, smaller than a smartwatch and features several sensors, including heart rate and sleep monitoring. It’s like a smartwatch but without the ability to tell time. It, of course, uses AI to keep things in track, as with all new tech paraphernalia.

You can pre-register on Samsung.com before the event’s launch and get yourself a chance to win e-vouchers worth PHP 7,000 and the chance to win a Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV worth PHP 135,999 when you pre-order the new foldable devices!

‘Tis the season to AI.

Source: The Verge