Finally, the iPad Has a Calculator!

It only took them 18 generations of iOS

iPadOS 18 was just released… Well, a week from now at least. Aside from the usual Apple Intelligence and other AI topics Apple seems to care a lot about, the new iPadOS comes with a revolutionary product no one has ever thought of to put in a tablet that could put even Samsung to shame. iPads finally have a CALCULATOR! As surprising as it is, it also comes with auto compute which is probably why it took them so long. Apple only has one shot to make an advanced calculator correct. Now, watch as iPads begin to be banned in national tests.


Since we already discussed about Apple Intelligence in another article, we will shorten it here. Apple Intelligence is Apple’s marketing name for its interpretation of AI. Genius, really. Everything about Generative AI is covered pretty much with Apple Intelligence, including writing and photography. Not everyone agrees with this, or is in line, especially artists, who already got disgruntled with Apple’s Crush! ad.

Just like with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, Apple Intelligence on the iPad is only available to iPads with an M1 Chip and newer. This means tablets like the first-generation iPad Pro, as well as the iPad Air, will get it by fall (that’s September, techies).


Through the Apple Pencil, you can now turn the calculator into a whiteboard to write mathematical equations with. In addition, the calculator app is made bigger for the iPad and is optimized to run it here. See, when Apple releases brand new software, they ensure it is in pitch perfect conditions and is fully optimized, unlike Android apps wherein it’s usually half-baked, then patched later.

Also, the notes you just wrote down, your iPad can calculate it, automatically! So, it isn’t your ordinary calculator. It’s a calculator with ChatGPT built in. Although, we’re not sure if it’s worth this much hype.

Everything you could do on an iPhone with iOS 18, pretty much you can do on iPadOS 18. It’s pretty much just iOS 18 designed and optimized for tablets. You can read more about it by clicking this link. Don’t worry, it’s neither a virus nor a rickroll ­čśë

iPadOS 18 will be released in the fall alongside iOS 18, just before the iPhone 16 series.

Source: Apple