Win a Vivo V30 Through This Scavenger Hunt at SM Malls!

The Great Vivo Scavenger Hunt begins now!

What are the odds! We just made an article for the Vivo V30 series and now you can actually win one of these camera phones, if you’re willing to look near, far, wherever you are.

Participants are sent to hunt down and find “V-tokens” scattered around various SM Malls nationwide. These tokens can be exchanged for various goodies ranging from keychains, tumblers, TWS earbuds, and of course, one of the V30 series phones!

Throughout April, vivo will be updating in their social media accounts so better keep an eye out! These updates include hints where they specifically hid these V-tokens which are thankfully not another form of cryptocurrency or NFTs and are actually worth something.

The hunt begins now and vivo will constantly update every Wednesday of April. Oh also, stay tuned for activities coming on April 6, 13, 20, and 27. That’s every Saturday throughout April!

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