Vivo Pad3 Pro Launched in China! Probably ONLY in China.

Another case of brands not letting us having the good ones

If you ever had visited any of your favorite smartphone brand’s native website, you will discover that all the good stuff are preserved there. So in this case, the majority of smartphone brands from China and a wee few from other countries, such as South Korea for Samsung and LG and the USA for Apple. Shame that many of them keeps all of their great devices domestically. This is also true for Vivo.

While Vivo is releasing a lot of great smartphones (except iQoo, for some reason, at least in the Philippines), did you know they also started manufacturing tablets? Not just that, the Vivo Pad is in its third generation now and all of them are packing quite the spec sheet. Some of them can even rival the renowned Xiaomi Pad series!

Sadly though, even the grey market can’t save you this time. BBK is known for being so tight about them. Have you seen a grey market Vivo before? Probably not, and we’re not counting iQoo here. We bet you also have not seen any grey market Oppos either. realme is a stretch but some can get away with it because they are far more lax when it comes to grey market.

The Vivo Pad3 Pro comes with flagship tier specs rivaling even smartphones. The display is a whopping 12.95 inches, the size of most laptops in 2013-2014, comes with 144Hz resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, and, get this, a 3K (3096x2064px) resolution! Vivo does have the prowess to release a phone with such high-tier specs, it’s a shame they don’t bring it here though.

Next, you get the chipset, a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 with 8, 12, or 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and a choice of ROM starting at 128GB all the way to 512GB. However, if you are reading this in China right now, we advise you not to get the 8/128 version as that one comes with a slower UFS 3.1 storage wherein the rest has UFS 4.0.

It also has a pretty large battery that they should have measured in WHr instead of mAh. Oh yeah, this tablet has a HUGE battery, maybe even larger than the tablet itself. It’s capacity is 11,500mAh and comes with 66W fast charging, almost laptop level.

It has an eight-speaker system, most likely heavily tuned so that it matches that “theater-like” quality. The speakers have 3D sound, a fancy way of saying spatial audio, and it uses AI to improve your voice and filter out noise. Pretty useful for streaming but its consistency may be put into question. Yes, just like the Vivo V30 series, the tablet utilizes BlueLM, Vivo’s very own AI system.

The tablet has Bluetooth 5.4, Wi-Fi 7, and NFC. Yes, slap that tab on an NFC scanner, we’re sure it won’t be inconveniently funny. The tablet also comes with its own array of accessories which of course includes a stylus, conveniently named “Vivo Pencil” now on its second generation. There is also a keyboard accessory if you’re interested. Those two are sold separately.

Finally, the cameras. They are not really the biggest priority in any tablet anyway, so the Pad3 Pro comes with a basic 13MP with LED Flash and an 8MP selfie for those sweet Zoom calls, if that’s still relevant today.

Three colors are available. They are Space Grey, Purple, and Blue. In China, where it is currently available, and probably the only place where it is available, its price starts at CNY 2,999 (~PHP 23.5K) for the 8/128 version. The better ones starting at 8/256 is priced at CNY 3,299 (~PHP 25.7K).

Source: Vivo (in China)