FabriX landed on ComplexCon Hong Kong on 23-24 March Immerse in digital transformation of fashion retail

Experience Newly Designed AR digital kiosk Launching “Phy-gital” merchandise with Spin Fashion at ComplexCon

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 28 March 2024 – Following the successful FabriX Digital Fashion Roadshow 2023 in London and Paris, FabriX continues to make waves at ComplexCon’s marketplace Hong Kong from 23-24th March 2024 – the festival’s first global destination outside the United States.

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Launched in 2022, FabriX is committed to nurturing and promoting talented fashion designers and brands worldwide, offering them exposure and opportunities on the virtual runways of the global digital fashion market. In 2023, FabriX ventured beyond Hong Kong with the FabriX Digital Fashion Roadshow, showcasing the creations of homegrown talents at the prestigious London and Paris Fashion Weeks, whilst fostering collaborations with designers from these fashion capitals.

With a shared purpose for defining what’s next, FabriX had been invited to be part of ComplexCon’s inaugural international edition in Hong Kong 2024. This represents a major step towards FabriX’s vision of being a global bridging curator of all things digital and building a digital fashion hub that connects the world’s leading digital tech partners, fashion brands, talents and authorities.

To explore the possibilities of this year’s theme Bio Futurism, “FabriX – ComplexCon Hong Kong” revolved around the latest enhanced AR digital kiosks, integrating Marketplace and Membership subscription functionalities into digital fashion fit and style via AR filter, customised stickers and make-your-own digital fashion outfit photos. It was also FabriX’s first initiative to combine virtual and physical sales models, partnering with Spin Fashion to introduce the “Phy-gital” FabriX hoodies for on-site showcase, try-on and pre-orders. Three designers of the season, FENG CHEN WANG (China), GERMANIER (Switzerland), and WINDOWSEN (China), also made their appearances at FabriX where one may have the opportunity to exchange ideas on virtual fashion with them in person.

FabriX takes the lead in digital fashion: Fashion Meets Future

Digital fashion exists at the intersection of creativity and technology. Whilst the ideation and conceptualisation stages of digital fashion collections may take place offline just like traditional fashion, digital fashion heavily employs the use of visual representation powered by computer-aided design, 3D animation and imaging, and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

In contrast with traditional fashion design involving time-consuming and costly processes, digitalising fashion with techonlogy, such as different design software allows designers to truly stretch their imagination in the virtual world – experimenting with colours, material, textures, forms and finishes before fitting their creations on models in virtual dressing rooms. This enables digital fashion designers to rapidly accelerate the design and prototyping phase with significantly lower costs, fewer resources and in a highly-sustainable manner.

With the advent of gaming, blockchain technology and the Metaverse, consumers and designers have begun to take note of the rising importance and value of virtual assets, whether as items of online self-expression or investment instruments.

Fashion labels and luxury brands have embraced digital fashion by launching exclusive digital-only collections and establishing retail presence on virtual platforms. As the line between physical and virtual steadily blurs, digital fashion will continue to redefine how we design, market, purchase and wear fashion garments.

FabriX is curated by a team of experienced creative drivers lead by Shin Wong, FabriX Project Director along with Designer’s Curator, Declan Chan, exploring the best tech partner in the world, with the unlimited support by William To, Executive Director of PMQ, bringing a new dimension to the virtual fashion experience.

“From the very beginning, FabriX has set its sights on the future of fashion, crafting a journey where trying on and owning digital couture feels like second nature,” said Shin Wong, FabriX Project Director. “FabriX strives to offer a whole new experience by integrating digital fashion into our everyday life. Whether it is experimenting with different fashion styles in the virtual world or owning unique digital designs, we lead the fashion industry with its innovative and forward-thinking mindset. Through FabriX, people can easily explore and showcase their individuality and style, while enjoying fashion. Whether they are young fashion enthusiasts or individuals who pursue a certain kind of lifestyle, FabriX provides them with a fresh perspective, allowing them to unleash their charm in the world of digital fashion.”

“FabriX is the pioneering digital fashion initiative – in the process of selecting the designers – I hope we can find designers with a portfolio of work that fits perfectly for the digital world. Most of their work are quite futuristic and extraordinary, when I saw some of their work at their show, I can already sense that it’s made for digital fashion. On the other hand, the selection of designers are not bound by their origin, we have designers from China, London, Switzerland, actually everywhere – digital fashion is not bound by territories, so I believe this should apply to the selection criteria of the designers,” said Declan Chan, FabriX Designer’s Curator.

(From Left to right) FabriX Project Director - Shin Wong, Designer Kevin Germanier, Designer Feng Chen Wang, FabriX Designer’s Curator - Declan Chan, Designer Sensen Lii
(From Left to right) FabriX Project Director – Shin Wong, Designer Kevin Germanier, Designer Feng Chen Wang, FabriX Designer’s Curator – Declan Chan, Designer Sensen Lii

AR digital kiosks with Marketplace and Membership subscription
First multi-disciplinary partnership with Roblox in avatar outfit
Launches “Phy-gital” merchandise with Spin Fashion at ComplexCon Hong Kong

Since its inception, FabriX aimed to make the experience of trying on and collecting digital fashion items more seamless and intuitive. Integral to this are the Augmented Reality (AR) Photo Kiosks which debuted at FabriX 2023 – Digital Fashion Roadshow in London and Paris Fashion Weeks, where you can simply select, try on, pose, snap and share your digital fashion look effortlessly. At ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024, FabriX showcased the AR digital kiosks in a new futuristic seamless design. It was also the first time FabriX integrated Marketplace and Membership subscription functionalities in their website. When users scan the QR code in the kiosks, it allows them to not only purchase their digital fashion outfit photos, but also instantly try on and acquire their favourite digital fashion items.? With a truly immersive shopping experience, fashion retail is redefined through digital pixels.

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It was also the first time FabriX ventures into the gaming realm and partners with Roblox. The works of 11 fashion designers from this season have been transformed into Roblox avatar outfits, becoming the first-ever avatar outfit collection on the Roblox platform featuring designs by renowned fashion designers. Buyers can purchase individual fashion items from this collection on the Roblox platform, allowing them to traverse between the physical and gaming world with the same digital look, breaking the boundary between the two.

FabriX’s creativity knows no bound! FabriX collaborated with Spin Fashion to launch the first “Phy-gital” FabriX hoodies. The hoodies were showcased, available for try-on, and open for pre-orders at ComplexCon Hong Kong, taking the sales model a step further by combining the virtual and physical realms. FabriX hopes to partner with more designers to realise their work in the near future.

FabriX – ComplexCon Hong Kong once again partners with Yamanyamo
Visualising Bio Futurism with GenZ artists

This year, FabriX goes even bolder and embraces Bio Futurism as the overarching inspiration. In the age of AI meets CRISPR gene editing, fashion aesthetics will no longer be bound by traditional human body form. Not only the physical fabric will be composed of previously impossible bio-engineered materials, the very human bodies will also be the altar for fashion designers and sculptors to perform their styling aesthetic, with results beyond our boldest imaginations. Altered body forms best illustrate the concept of bio-futurism in fashion industry, showcasing the possibilities provided by the cutting-edge bio engineering technology. ‘Bio Futurism’ captures the zeitgeist and perfectly manifests the forward-thinking mentality of FabriX in ComplexCon.

FabriX once again invited award winning creative agency Yamanyamo as the Creative Director of the project, collaborating with GenZ artist Ram2 to visualize the concept of Bio Futurism and create mind-boggling short films which vividly present complex ideas. Please stay tuned to FabriX social media platforms for more visual content produced by Yamanyamo.

“FabriX OOTC – Outfit Of The City” discovers hidden beauty of the city
New Generation influencers interpret FabriX digital fashion collection

“FabriX – ComplexCon Hong Kong” has invited Offgod (Andrew Mok) (https://www.instagram.com/yalocaloffgod/), a promising artist who rose to fame at the age of 19; Ip Yi (https://www.instagram.com/ipyi/), model loved for her willowy idiosyncracy; and Hanna Chan (https://www.instagram.com/hannachanx/), a rising actress with a background in modeling; to interpret the latest fashion pieces from the new season of FabriX through short films. Their FabriX outfits will be released on their personal social media platforms.

The design of digital fashion transcends the limitations of material and size, unrestricted by physical application such as customers’ gender, age, or body shape. Designers can now have an entirely new perspective to explore infinite possibilities, breaking free from the constraints of traditional fabrics. Wearers also embrace a new concept of “clothing” as digital fashion is not just a trend for influencers or the fashion industry but can be anyone’s new endeavour. This year, “FabriX” had invited renowned fashion photographer Leung Mo (https://www.instagram.com/leungmo/) to collaborate on a project titled “FabriX OOTC – Outfit Of The City”. Together with 10 diverse Gen Z individuals, they had visited iconic locations in Hong Kong, exploring the city’s landscape from a Gen Z perspective to discover its hidden beauty.

11 promising designers from Hong Kong, China and around the world

A collective of 11 designers from China, Hong Kong and around the world were invited to participate FabriX – ComplexCon Hong Kong. They are not merely trendsetters and culture advocates in the mainstream, but multifaceted pioneers who stay agile in the ever-changing pop culture. They are ABRA (Spain), CELINE KWAN (Hong Kong), CHEN PENG (China), CHRISTIAN STONE (Hong Kong), EDEN TAN (UK), FENG CHEN WANG (China), GERMANIER (Switzerland), MARK GONG (China), RYUNOSUKEOKAZAKI (Japan), SUSAN FANG (China) and WINDOWSEN (China). They were launching a total of 18 latest digital fashion items at FabriX – ComplexCon Hong Kong, each distinctive in its own design.

(In alphabetical order)


Spanish designer Abraham Ortun?o Perez, who has made a name for himself on the stages of Madrid and Paris Fashion Weeks, was born in the region of Alicante, known for its rich shoemaking history. In 2020, he established his brand ‘Abra’ in Paris. Prior to founding his own brand, he showcased his creative talent by designing modern darn accessories and footwear for various international brands such as Jacquemus, J.W. Anderson, Coperni, and Loewe.


Her third time to be involved in FabriX project, Celine Kwan graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2021. Founder of her eponymous label, her multicultural upbringing translates to work that adapts to diverse themes and audiences, while prioritising ethical manufacturing, sustainability, and technology exploration. Her debut collection at Paris Fashion Week 2022 received acclaim, leading to an illustrious list of prestigious exhibitions and global collaborations. Ultimately, Celine envisions her creations to transcend generations and showcase the strength of female Asian designers.


CHENPENG is a prominent gender-neutral fashion brand specialising in seasonal outerwear which champions the concept of ‘one-size fashion’ and addresses the under-representation of diverse body sizes in the industry. Their iconic puffer jackets are designed to accentuate individual features while celebrating different body types.


Heavily imbued with influences from the Internet, pop and digital culture, Christian Stone’s work presents a hard-edged, high-tech, cyberpunk flavour fused with intelligent social commentary. A third-time collaborator with FabriX and a winner of the coveted V-Files Runway 9 Designer Award, his first collection made entrance at the runway of New York Fashion Week in 2018, and he has since amassed an international celebrity following featuring ASAP Rocky, Billie Eilish, Chae-rin CL, and FKA Twigs, to name a few.


Edan Tan gained prominence at his Central Saint Martins graduation show. Eden Tan’s purpose is to change people’s perception of materials by redefining where, why and how these materials are used. His focus is primarily to find and repackage discarded materials and reimagine them into desirable products. Essentially, transforming unwanted items into sought-after goods, altering people’s perception of value and desirability in the process.


Through the integration of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, classic tailoring, and unique deconstructive aesthetics, Feng Chen Wang creates multifunctional garments with the concept of ‘less is more.’ Drawing inspiration from communities, the brand extends this philosophy to its collaborative teams, artisans, and partners. In 2016, Feng Chen Wang’s debut collection was nominated for the LVMH Prize. After designing the uniform for the flag bearers at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, she swiftly transitioned to showcasing her designs at the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.


Renowned for his sustainable fashion ethos, Kevin Germanier debuted his eponymous label in 2018. He focuses on luxury upcycled fabrics, featuring arresting details like discarded beads sourced from Hong Kong which won him the 2015 Redress Award. Germanier shatters the traditional eco-fashion image and embraced a futuristic utopian aesthetic, characterised by sculptural jackets, glitter-strewn dresses and sharply spliced skirts. Recognised by Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and various esteemed fashion awards, his creations have graced international celebrities like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Bjo?rk and K-pop singer Sunmi.


Graduated from Parsons School of Design, Mark Gong lived and studied in New York before establishing his eponymous brand in 2018. Embodying New York’s carefree spirit and Shanghai’s exquisite charm, MARKGONG moulds a confident and balanced female image while reflecting a love for nature.


Born in Hiroshima, Ryunosuke Okazaki started his creative journey under his eponymous label RYUNOSUKEOKAZAKI in Tokyo in 2018. Graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts in 2021, he emerged as a finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize in 2022 and was honoured with a place on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2023.


Susan Fang, a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, founded her eponymous brand in 2017. She cleverly incorporates innovative fabrics, colors, and cuts, drawing inspiration from perception, mathematics, and natural fractal patterns. Committed to sustainable design and handmade craftsmanship, she has been recognized with numerous accolades. In 2019 and 2020, she was named in Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ list, and she was also a finalist for the LVMH Prize in the same year.


The founder and designer of Windowsen, Sensen Lii is characterised by his distinctive blend of couture and clubwear aesthetics. The brand’s theatrical and avant-garde flair has gained a massive following among musicians and performers alike. With a presence in Shanghai and Paris, Lii has established ateliers and offices in both locations, focusing on haute couture. In 2018, the Chinese-born designer won the coveted VFiles New York Fashion Week runway competition while still studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. His intergalactic and cyberpunk signature style has since become a standout on the runways of the international fashion calendar.
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Our success story began in Hong Kong, but our influence has gone global. After an electrifying FabriX Digital Fashion Roadshow at London and Paris Fashion Weeks in 2023, we are setting the stage ablaze at ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024 – the festival’s much-anticipated debut outside the US. These experiences has paved the way to even greater possibilities.

Our vision? To be the leading curated marketplace of all things Digital Fashion worldwide, by connecting the industry’s top tech partners, designers, brands and thought leaders. Together, we are shaping a future where digital fashion becomes a part of everyday life, through gaming platforms and other emerging applications. Imagine a Digital Fashion Hub where innovation and artistry meet commercial opportunities. That’s FabriX.

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