Vivo V30 Seen on Shopee with a SURPRISING PRICE TAG! V30 Pro to Launch Alongside on March 20!

Comes with a lavishly new design too! We can’t wait to overly promote this device again.

The Vivo V30 was once spotted in Lazada and Shopee and has made its official debut yesterday, March 9th! In particular, the Vivo V30 Pro has one stand-out feature that puts it against the rest: Zeiss-coated lenses! It’s been a while since we saw Zeiss in the midrange segment, the last one was with Nokia.

The phones are essentially modified variants of the Chinese-only Vivo S18 and S18 Pro. The phones also come with a redesigned aura ring light which is now squarish. It also has a regular LED flash to complement lighting better.

We’re also happy to see vivo not only improved the cameras but also the chipsets because the V29 felt weaker against its predecessor. Now, the V30 series is on par of what a successor should be. It also does not feel like a sidegrade unlike the V29 series. Though, we must say that the latter series has a nice square-ish look.

vivo V30

The Vivo V30 was first seen in Shopee with a price tag of PHP 23,999 for 12/256 and PHP 26,999 for 12/512. The phone is also cheaper than the V27 and V29 combined. Probably because we haven’t seen the V30e yet. Now, do these prices justify the specs? Well… read on below.

The Vivo V30 with its “Aura Portrait Master 3.0” tagline, is everything the V29 is but on a higher scale. Starting with the cameras. Here, there are three real and functioning 50MP cameras. Two at the back and another at the front. The main camera has OIS, the other 50MP is an ultrawide sensor, and the other is a selfie camera. Vivo really likes their selfies and called the ultrawide a “group selfie” camera. That’s one way to advertise it honestly. Zeiss branding is absent here though. Not a problem since the V30 is segmented to the masses, versus the enthusiast and semi-professionals with the V30 Pro. It’s one of the rare times when the “Pro” subtitle actually makes sense.

Now, the display is also way better than the V30. The resolution went up from FullHD to 1.5K (2800x1260px). However, every property remains the same, such as the OLED lighting, 120Hz refresh rate, and a very bright 2800nits peak brightness level.

The V30 utilizes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset. So in retrospect, the performance is close to its competitors such as the Honor 90, Oppo Reno 11, and realme 12 Plus. NFC, Bluetooth 5.4, 5G services, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity are all supported as well.

Still, it lacks a headphone jack and features an in-display fingerprint reader. Colours include, as stated in the listing, Green Sea and Petal(s) White [sic].

Meanwhile, we haven’t seen the V30 Pro yet. Both devices are aimed to launch on March 20th.

vivo V30 Pro

When companies use “Pro” as the name, the word loses its meaning as they are not used to target professionals. No, instead, they are simply a better version of the base phone. However, the V30 Pro is both an upgrade and the word “Pro” is emphasized greatly here as it comes with professional-grade features not available with the V30, most notably the Zeiss-coated lenses and the telephoto camera which again, has 50MP resolution. In total, there are now four real and working 50MP sensors here.

You can read more about the V30 Pro in a separate article but we’ll summarize here. This phone right here, is the tip of the iceberg, the epitome of the V30 series, a landmark, to say. From here, almost every phone with the “Pro” name might have the Zeiss branding unless of course the license expires and the two do not renew. It is an improved S18 Pro with the same DNA as the V30. It also uses a more powerful chipset, the return of the MediaTek Dimensity 8200. It’s not like you can easily mod a Vivo phone. Vivo isn’t custom ROM friendly. Aside from that, you’ll find stereo speakers with Hi-Res certification. A flagship that isn’t a flagship in all regards.

Like the V30, the Pro will launch on March 20 so you can expect more details on that date. Stay tuned on vivo’s social media pages including Facebook and YouTube.