Nothing Surprising as Nothing Reveals the Design of the Phone (2a).

Spoiling the surprise this early because leaks are overwhelming ya, huh.

After numerous leaks and renders, Nothing finally stood up and revealed the actual design of the anticipated midrange Phone (2a) which according to CEO Carl Pei, offers a similar performance to the flagship Phone (2) at a fraction of the cost! The revealed design is pretty close to what the render showed, meaning those days and weeks of leaks are accurate, as most of the time they are.

The Phone (2a)’s design was revealed in X formerly known as Twitter. The rest of the phone will be unveiled on March 5 so while we don’t have the official specs sheet, we can at least take a look at the rumored ones and see if the specs are accurate and precise to the actual. The phone will be available in Black and White with a transparent back showing the Glyph light module, the standout feature of Nothing. During MWC, the phone was also shown on-stage with the Glyph lights dancing. As with traditional Nothing fashion, the light show is available only at the top portion.

Source: Nothing (Twitter)