OPPO Shares the Things You Can Do with the Find N3 Flip Cover Screen!

It’s more than just a notification chamber

Oh boy, the Find N3 launched in the Philippines back in October, and they sent us this press release December 30th. We are a bit late for this one but the phone is still updated and new, so they shared to us what you can do with that sweet newly upgraded cover screen!

A cover screen is the display present on almost every touchscreen flip phone at the back. Originally, it was made to serve notifications so you don’t have to use the main display all the time just to see them. However as technology progressed, so did the cover screens and they now offer more than just notifications.

Integrate the Apps You Need the Most!

In the case of the Find N3 Flip, the vertical alignment of the secondary display meant that it can now show over 80+ apps and works very similarly now as your main display. These apps include your usual G-Suite including Gmail, Keep Notes, Google Maps, as well as productivity and utility apps like Grab, Google Messages, Calendar, and WeChat. You can even view TikTok using this screen!

These apps can be configured via the N3 Flip’s App Lab so that you can only use the apps that cater to your needs. It also helps declutter unwanted apps there.

Add Cute Virtual Pets!

Add some personality and cuteness to your cover screen through 3D pets! The newly improved virtual pets now evolved from simple 2D images to 3D. Also, you can add different types of widgets here, just like your regular display. In a way, these cute pets serve as wallpapers for your cover screen.

Also speaking of wallpapers, like the main display, the secondary cover screen also supports Always-On Display functionality and custom wallpapers! It’s easily customizable in the settings too.

Enhance Your Selfies with the Help of Hasselblad!

You probably dreamt of using the main camera as your selfie camera because it usually has better quality than the one available at the front. Thanks to the cover display, it’s now easier than ever to take selfies with the main camera, as well as do video calls and conferencing! Also, the main camera has access to Hasselblad’s colour calibration so you look lively and bubbly.

The Oppo Find N3 Flip is the first clamshell foldable phone to feature a true triple camera setup, all in a consistent 50MP resolution! Aside from that, the phone is essentially a flagship and a luxury icon. Oppo achieved this triple camera solution by placing the display vertically instead of horizontally as well as implementing a new design for its camera island—Cosmos Ring. This delivers convenience without sacrificing quality and functionality.

Get this attractively luxurious flip phone for only PHP 64,999! It is available via Lazada and in Oppo’s offline Concept Stores.