The Realme GT5 Pro Looks Oddly Like a Huawei Phone

Have brands ran out of creative ways to design a phone?

Realme’s newest flagship performance phone (or “flagship killer” as they call it) is to be released on December 7. Live images are finally enough showing off the design and display. Oh boy, it looks really nice, but can’t help but ask if Huawei had an influence here.

The circular camera hump of the phone looks nearly identical to the Huawei Mate 50 Pro. This can’t be a coincidence as Realme is not a stranger to these circular camera humps. Even their former parent company, Oppo, has shown off an orange phone with a similar design called the A2 Pro, albeit that one is more budget-oriented. So literally and figuratively, it is the “Mate 50 Pro at home”.

Though, the Realme phone sports a darker maroon-ish colour like Mars. Both the orange Mate 50 Pro and the Realme GT5 Pro use vegan leather for their back design. This type of material is trending because it makes a phone look even more premium than glass or aluminum and provides a comfortable grip too.

We find the logo placement to be a little odd. While POCO tends to put their logo beside the camera island. For Realme, it’s below the camera, rightmost of it. This was also the case with the Realme X2 and we think that some of Realme’s designer really likes this peculiar placement.

Perhaps Realme did not actually look at Huawei for inspiration but rather to its parent company Oppo as its colour scheme and camera island placement is reminiscent of the Find X6 Pro. However, clearly the camera island design is far from it and resembles more of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro.

Also, judging from the live image, the GT5 Pro will have a periscope camera. The first for the GT series as this series is heavily focused on performance. It now seems like it is more generally rounded.

When Realme revealed the display, they compared it next to an unnamed device. When looking at it this way, the GT5 Pro has slimmer bezels but the phone itself is slightly shorter. We’re not sure what device is being compared but due to its frame, it might be a OnePlus device. The reason why it is compared is to show off how thin the bezels are compared to the industry standard.

The company did not reveal the specs yet but we can rely on the rumor mill. According to it, the phone features a 6.78″ 144Hz OLED screen (not made by Samsung this time) and 1220p resolution. Although it’s hard to tell from the teaser image, the display of the phone is curved but maybe a little more subtle compared to its flagship siblings. This rumor is highly possible as the previous phone, the Realme GT5, uses a very similar display, albeit slightly shorter at 6.74″.

The phone will be live on December 7th making it a perfect Christmas gift… if it has a global and Philippines version that is.

Source: GizmoChina, GSMArena