IDC: The Chinese Smartphone Market Fell by 6.3% in the Third Quarter. Honor Takes Lead

What a high honor!

IDC has released its most recent Chinese smartphone sales report for the third quarter of 2023. In their analysis, despite the boom that Huawei created, the Chinese market still falls short of a recovery, having fell off by 6.3 percent. This was due to manufacturers releasing fewer phones before they make their full mark by the last quarter.

Nevertheless, the viral Huawei Mate 60 campaign proved to be attractive to consumers and they gained confidence in the brand again while their competitors will unleash their full potential by Q4, especially during Singles’ Day.

As you can see on the list, Honor made an epic comeback after their resurgence since the brand was sold by Huawei to another Chinese firm so that they can have access to Google services once again. Their three new foldable phones (Honor Magic V, Honor V Purse, and Magic Vs) were the MVPs and what made them regain the top spot. In second comes Oppo then Apple in third. Apple’s sales were hurt because the government decided to restrict their use among government offices.

“The Chinese market is expected to see its first YoY growth in 4Q23 after more than two years, mainly driven by more intense competition and a low comparison base,” said Will Wong, Senior Research Manager for Client Devices at IDC Asia/Pacific. Wong adds, “Nevertheless, challenges remain, especially since Chinese consumers have become more rational, with FOMO sentiment not as strong as pre-COVID.”

Source: International Data Corporation