That OnePlus Foldable Phone Is Opening on October 19th!

And hey look, the Oppo Find N3 series is also releasing on the same day. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Indian and Indonesian users rejoice! The OnePlus Open will make its debut on October 19th at 7:30PM India Standard Time (10:00 PM Philippines). It is the company’s first foldable phone and in its teaser image, one of its notable features is the fan-favourite alert slider which made its return since the OnePlus Nord 3.

OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu said that he would bring the foldable experience “to new heights”. A bold statement for a company that only has no experience yet on foldable phones, unlike, say Samsung.

Alongside the foldable phone, OnePlus is offering an early deposit wherein you just have to deposit EUR 99 and get EUR 250 discount on the phone, plus a free pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2. There is no official price yet for this foldable phone.

According to an exclusive interview to Unbox Therapy, which CEO Pete Lau made an appearance, OnePlus (or parent company Oppo) holds 35 patents. He also talked about the hinge design which, when unfolded reveals no gaps. When a piece of paper was inserted into the phone then unfolded, the paper did not fall off, proving that this statement is truthful.

We’ll tell you more about the details of the phone once it’s official! At the same time, the Find N3 series, including the fold and flip, we’ll be released on the same day.

Source: OnePlus Open