Acknowledging the Past: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Appears in the Latest Promo for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Learning from past mistakes is a way to be better in the present and the future.

When Samsung presents the now-defunct Galaxy Note series, it always shied away from mentioning the Galaxy Note 7. Seven isn’t always a lucky number and 2016 was a hard time for the company. When the phone burst into flames, the company was forced to permanently halt production of the phone, after several recalls failed to solve the issue. This cost the company millions and even the FTC got involved.

When the Note 9 was introduced, the Galaxy Note’s historic timeline omits the Galaxy Note 7, as if it never existed. Somehow, it jumped from the Galaxy Note 5 all the way to the Note 8.

A Twitter user, Aquis_GN noticed that the timeline for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is now seen by both Samsung and the smartphone community as the successor to the Note series, mentions the Galaxy Note7. After the disastrous recalls, the company created a refurbished variant called the Galaxy Note FE. It’s a surprise to see that the company picked the Note 7 over the FE. Does time truly heal wounds? This one certainly shows.

Since then, the company used this learning to further improve build quality and design. Trauma experienced from the Note 7 is why you don’t see ultra-fast charging on recent Galaxy phones, limiting it to just 25W. This is also the reason why the company is playing it a little safer when it comes to battery capacity.

Source: SamMobile