NothingOS 2.0 will be Unveiled Alongside the Nothing Phone (2). Coming to Nothing Phone (1) as well.

Carl Pei is a master of marketing. He was the founder of OnePlus and lead the company up until leaving in 2020. Since his departure, OnePlus is slowly absorbed by OPPO and it’s the latter’s way of piercing through the North American market.

Since Pei’s departure, he founded a startup company called Nothing. His first product is NothingOS. There is a free launcher available for download via the Play Store so users could experience it without having to own a Nothing Phone. Of course, it’s much more limited due to it being a launcher. In the Nothing Phone (1)’s launch, he claims that phones got boring and even flagship phones barely update and last. These two problems are the reasons for Nothing’s philosophy.

In his Twitter, Pei announced that the long-awaited sequel of the Nothing Phone (1) is coming on July 11th, now flaunting flagship features such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and 4K video in all of its cameras. Alongside this, NothingOS 2.0 is coming as well. However, Nothing Phone (1) users would have to wait until the end of August to update to this version. This is not a bad decision since the update would be available a month after the Phone (2)’s launch.

Carl Pei emphasized that software support is “very important to us”. The Nothing Phone (2) would receive 3 years of major Android upgrades and 4 years of security patches. Very impressive for an Android device but still is short against iPhones with their 6 years of major upgrades. Still, the majority of the world’s smartphones use Android so it will be hard to implement updates in all of them.

While we heard ahem “nothing” of this new OS, Pei mentioned that this will come with an all-new design as the company hired about 100 engineers to help implement it. This sounds intriguing for sure and we can’t wait what this new version entails.