The Legion disbands. Lenovo confirms it has shut down the Legion phone line

While as powerful as the ROG Phones, they aren’t as marketable. It’s sad though because the Legion Y90 is pretty competitive.

Legion Y90. The last Lenovo Legion phone to be released

It’s strange, Lenovo has just released the Legion Tab Y900 in China. However, the company also announced that the Legion Phone line would be discontinued. We’re guessing the newly released tablet isn’t part of that line.

There are several gaming phones in the market most popularly from ASUS. The Razer Phone is the one that started it all however after the 2nd-gen Razer phone, the company stopped making gaming phones. It wasn’t profitable for them.

Other gaming phones include the Black Shark series (although this line is reportedly being sold to Tencent and it was replaced by the Poco F/Redmi K series), ASUS ROG Phone, and ZTE’s Red Magic. Out of these, only the Red Magic and ROG Phones are the only gaming phones that are still being marketed and improved upon. Most performance-centric phones take the innovative parts of a gaming phone and make it theirs. However, we are yet to see an oversized fan in a regular flagship.

A Lenovo spokesperson confirmed to Android Authority that the cancellation of future Legion phones was due to business transofrmation as well as “gaming portfolio consolidation”.

The flexibility of newer Android versions has made gaming phones redundant. What we mean by this is that manufacturers can create handheld consoles designed entirely for gaming and those consoles may get a tad better performance and also provides a larger screen with physical controls. Xiaomi has been struggling with the Black Shark series, BBK isn’t too keen about gaming phones (Realme’s GT series is a flagship killer, just like the POCO F series), and Razer has not made a gaming phone for a few years now.

It’s not all lost. In fact, ASUS is still quite committed to it, with the ROG Phone 7 coming on April 13th. Moreover, its main competitors, the ZTE Red Magic 8 and 8 Pro, were only recently announced. Gaming phones have features that even most mainstream flagships don’t have, such as a cooling fan and trigger pads.

So long, Lenovo. The legion disbands…

Source: Android Authority