AnTuTu: The Nothing Phone (1) is the best-performing midranger you could find as of February 2023

Drawing experiences from the old OnePlus, Pei managed to outdo himself again. Thanks to the clean and optimized UI, the Phone (1) claimed its top spot in the midrange segment.

To think that the Nothing Phone (1) is just a newcomer, but thanks to Carl Pei’s amazing strategies and the fact that the phone looked new, it actually attracted several loyal customers and not only that, made it one of the best midrange phones you could buy. AnTuTu thinks the same way.

AnTuTu’s analysis reads: “The ranking of mid-range phones remains unchanged. Phones with Snapdragon 7 series chips are still in the top positions, while the phone with MediaTek Dimensity 1080 is only in tenth place. MediaTek is rumored to be bringing another new processor. Hopefully, it will replace the Snapdragon 778G and also give users more options.

As you can see in this list, all phones in this class use the same chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G and its upgraded variant, the Snapdragon 778G+. No surprise here, as the chipset is amazing for what it does. It combines performance with efficiency perfectly. Not only that, but it’s also optimized so it adapts with any type of software skin you could throw at it. The chipset feels like holding yesterday’s flagship only beaten by the flagships of tomorrow.

There is one imposter among them, the Realme 10 Pro+ 5G. The only phone with a MediaTek chipset that made it to the top 10. While only 10th, the score here is impressive. At 510,812 points, it can easily compete well with its direct Snapdragon counterpart. And with MediaTek planning to release more chipsets of the same range, it’s only about time that more of them could appear in the top 10 the next time AnTuTu makes its list.

If this is how the Nothing Phone (1) performs in benchmark, it could easily be guessed that the Nothing Phone (2) will perform extremely well. This goes to show how Nothing is a promising company, and the Nothing Phone (2) better not fail in the benchmarks or it will damage the company’s reputation.

Source: AnTuTu